Leadership at MSRM

MSRM Governance system consists of leaders working in the fields of Robotics and Machine Intelligence at different institutions in the Industry or Academia. MSRM groups them into five organs.

Science Board

MSRM works to develop Research, Innovation, and Education in the field of Robotics and Machine Intelligence. Each sector is led by two MSRM members. Research, innovation, and education leaders integrate the Science Board. Research and Innovation Leaders are responsible for the further development of the sector strategy and the setting of priorities. Education Leaders oversee the initiation, content-related conception, and coordination of professional profiles in teaching as well as the programs for promoting young talent at the interfaces to the TUM Center for Study and Teaching and the TUM Graduate School. Additionally, each of the MSRM members contributes to the scientific success and visibility of the institute. Some of them are officially appointed as MSRM ambassadors in their respective specialties.


Ambassador Industry

Ambassador Healthcare

Ambassador EU Politics and Network

Ambassador German Politics and Network

Ambassador Research

Ambassador Research