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M.Sc. Robin Kirschner

Lehrstuhl für Robotik und Systemintelligenz (Prof. Haddadin, Joint Appointment der Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik und Fakultät für Informatik)

Research interest

Physical Safety in Human-Robot Collaboration

Generating a holistic model of injury in collision and clamping situations:

- Development of test devices

- Testing and medical evaluation

- Safety Curves for diffrent body parts and Point of Intersts

Cognitive Safety in Human-Robot Collaboration

Understanding and modelling the perception of safety in Robotics:

- Long-term-studies on perceived safe distances and velocities

- Difference of perception based on age, background and experience with robots

- Estabilshing control strategies for perceived safety in social robotics

(System) architecture of Safe collaborations

What does it take to generate safe Human-Robot Collaboration?

- Reliable sensing methods and sensor fusion for Safety applications (Human detection)

- Control strategies for safe, perceived safe and still productive Human-Robot Collaboration

- Mechanical Design of Robots and End-Effectors

Productivity and Safety in Human-Robot Collaboration

Generating solutions for safe and efficient Human-Robot Collaboration for applicability in industrial scenarios:

- Evaluation methods for productivity and safety in Collaborations

- Definition of workspaces and constriants for robots motion

- Avoiding down-times through different control strategies



M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

TU Chemnitz: 2016-2019

B.Sc. Sports Engineering

TU Chemnitz: 2013-2016


Publications and Conferences

Productivity and Safety in Human-Robot Collaboration

Eugene Kim, Robin Kirschner, Yoji Yamada, Shogo Okamoto, "Estimating probability of human hand intrusion for speed and separation monitoring using interference theory", Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Volume 61, 2020, 101819, ISSN 0736-5845, doi.org/10.1016/j.rcim.2019.101819.



Dr. Martine Herpers, Robin Kirschner; "System Test von eHealth Service-Robotern im häuslichen Umfeld” Embedded Software Engineering Congress 2018, 03. – 07. December 2018


Robin Jeanne Kirschner, Eugene Kim, Yoji Yamada; "Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Human-Robot Collaboration Using the Interference Theory” Safety of Industrial Automated Systems Conference 2018, 10. – 12. October 2018


Robin Jeanne Kirschner, Eugene Kim, Yoji Yamada, Shogo Okamoto; "Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Intrusion in Human-Robot Collaboration” Tokai Engineering Complex 2018, 13. – 14. March 2018


(System) Architecture for Human-Robot Collaboration

Robin Jeanne Kirschner, Stefan Heinrich M.Sc., Prof. Maik Berger; "Modulare Greifersysteme auf Basis monolitischer Gelenke mit 3D-Druckbauteilen für kollaborierende Roboter" 18. VDI- Getriebetagung Bewegungstechnik 2016, 20. – 21. September 2016