Prof. Gordon Cheng wants to “close the loop between the brain and the machine”

Prof. Cheng investigates how to fusion robotics and neuroscience to rehabilitate patients with mobility problems.

The research of Prof. Cheng, Director of the Chair for Cognitive Systems (ICS) and Principal Investigator (PI) of the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, is merging robotics and neuroscience to develop medical devices that help paraplegic patients walk again.

Previous findings of the team led by Prof. Cheng showed that exoskeleton training not only helped patients to walk but also stimulated their healing process. Now, the challenge is to make the brain think that the machine is an extension of the body. Learn more about how to achieve this in practice on the press release: Prof. Gordon Cheng on the challenges of fusing robotics and neuroscience “The machine as an extension of the body”.