Experienced TUM alumni share key ideas for engineers who want to shape the future


The Round Table on Engineers for the Future was an insightful conversation among experienced engineers about the future of a socially responsible engineering.

TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann hosted the meeting and exchanged thoughts with TUM alumni deeply involved in engineering such as Prof. Sami Haddadin, chairman of the Bavarian Council on AI and acting director of the MSRM. Sofía Ramirez, P.hD. student at the Hyperloop team. Catharina van Delden, CEO and founder of innosabi, one of the leading providers of software for Agile Innovation. And Dr. Volker Kefer, President of VDI – Association of German Engineers and former member of the Board of Management at Deutsche Bahn for several years.
Among the key take aways, we can name:

  • Invest effort solving technical problems that bring value to the society
  • Since the beginning, include ethics into your projects
  • Project-based education is already supported and will expand at TUM. The Munich School of Robotics (MSRM) already started in this direction with the Cybathlon project, and the preparation of a new international master’s program in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, which will be largely project-based.
  • Interdisciplinarity is key to create innovations.
  • Build up user-oriented products.
  • Simple communication is a must. Helping broad audiences understand your topic will take your ideas forward.
  • Enteerpreneurship is a real career path.

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