Welcome to the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has founded the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) as an integrative research center in the field of robotics and machine intelligence to develop innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions for central challenges of our time. For more informations



Over 80 young MINT talents competed in 51 teams in the Munich West regional competition. [more]

“The Era of Human-Robot Collaboration” [more]

The election is a recognition of his scientific achievements and an honorary mandate: the Academy, which is funded by the Federal Government and the Länder, advises politics and society on technology-related issues. [more]

Title of his lecture: “How AI and networked robotics can kickstart machine evolution” [more]

Geriatronics Research Center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: The aim is to establish a “geriatronics campus” as an international reference center. It will bring together under one roof modern research and teaching with new nursing care and residential concepts for the third and fourth... [more]

The talent program of the Bavarian State Ministry of Digital Affairs is aimed at women between 18 and 30 years of age who want to get to know digital professional fields and get inspired for future-oriented professions. [more]

Due to the general reconstruction the range of services could be extended considerably. It now also includes robot animation systems in the treatment and care sector. [more]

Bavarian government hosts high-tech summit at Technical University of Munich [more]

“Mobile Systems for Air Pollution Monitoring at Different Scales and Levels of Autonomy” [more]

The traditional CSU New Year's retreat took place in Seeon, where the topics of digitization and AI, among others, were discussed. Prof. Haddadin gave a lecture on the importance of robotics for digitization. Furthermore, a panda arm was shown as part of the MSRM collective and... [more]